Research interests


Luminescence processes in insulators: fundamental of luminescence properties in storage phosphors, scintillators, persistent phosphors; recombination process; stimulated luminescence phenomena.

Radiation dosimetry: solid-state luminescence dosimetry; radiation effects in insulators; thermoluminescence (TL) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL); modeling of TL and OSL processes in dosimetric materials; neutron dosimetry using plastic nuclear track detectors and fluorescence nuclear track detectors (FNTDs).

Medical dosimetry: development of methodology for dose verification in radiotherapy, particularly small field dosimetry and 2D dose mapping, of high energy photons, protons and heavy-charged particles; new technologies for dose verification in Computed Tomography; Monte-Carlo simulations of dose deposition in detectors; out-of-field measurements in radiation therapy.

Space dosimetry: characterization of TL and OSL dosimeters for use in the space radiation field; development of methodologies for analysis of TL/OSL data in complex radiation fields; modeling of the microdosimetric distribution created by heavy-charged-particles in TL/OSL materials.

Retrospective and accident dosimetry: investigation of materials and methods to provide retrospective information in case of accidents involving radiation; application of the OSL technique for triage in case of radiological/nuclear accidents.